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Terms & Conditions is an affiliate brand of aims to be the best worldwide e-shop around the globe for Mercedes-Benz parts.

Due to this worldwide character, these terms and conditions have to be accepted before you buy from our store!

  • Our prices mentioned are what you pay for the product and the shipment. If for any reason there are taxes or duties to be paid on top of what you paid for, it is up to you to pay them.
  • We are dependent from our suppliers. If they cannot deliver the product for the price you paid, we will reimburse your payment completely. We will not be held responsible for the consequences due to this cancellation by you or anyone else.
  • The suppliers are forced to obey to their regional laws to protect the buyers. You agree that you accept the terms and laws from the country of origin of the product, regarding refunds, guarantees, cancellation etc. of your purchase.

Every part has its own terms and conditions as marked on the bottom of the page. 

However, these terms and conditions are to be united with the following terms:

  • We never ship incomplete orders. In case some parts are no longer available, or take over 1 month to arrive, we will contact you after that period to see how we can arrange it the best way. If a part is no longer available, you will receive a FULL REFUND of that part. Cancelling 1 item of an order does not cancel the other items' order.
  • Some items are advertised without shipment costs. In case you order such without demanding the shipment rate first, we will order the parts, calculate the shipping cost, and invoice that cost to you. The shipment will be processed as soon as all parts have arrived and your full payment of both the parts and the shipment cost have arrived. 
  • We calculate the shipping cost in the most profitable way that we can achieve. However sometimes you may be able to get better rates. We will send you the information on where to pick up the parts so you can calculate it yourself. However all parts will first have to be shipped to our warehouse, and that cost will always be invoiced to you.
  • In case you order the parts, but do not arrange pickup or do not pay the parts' shipment cost, the parts will remain our property until you do. You cannot cancel the order due to any of these two reasons.


In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we need to be very strict in all these rules. All orders are binding, unless agreed upon by both you and us. You cannot cancel the order, request a refund, or send the items back, unless agreed upon by both you and us.