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. SLK Class R170 Information

The first-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK was presented at the Turin Motor Show in April 1996 and was launched on the market in autumn of the same year. It added a new dimension to series of "SL" (sporty, lightweight) vehicles, the K in the name "SLK" standing for "kurz" or "short". The engineers were uncompromising when it came to safety, comfort, environmental compatibility and suitability for everyday use. They developed a vehicle that differed from other roadsters in its class in many respects, the most noticeable, perhaps, being the vario-roof – a steel roof which could be fully retracted into the boot... Continue reading

From spring 2000 the SLK continued its success story with an even sportier look and new technology on board. Mercedes‑Benz also significantly upgraded the roadster's equipment and added innovations such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®), a six-speed manual transmission and cruise control with SPEEDTRONIC to the standard features. The new top-of-the-line V6 SLK 320 model was also fitted as standard with air conditioning... Continue reading