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Radiator Grille Shell W222 [PRO001371]

Item number: 010 Radiator Trim (Black Glossy) A22288026009040
US$549.00 US$459.00
Radiator Grille Shell W222 [PRO001371]

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Category: Shop > 88 - Attachment Parts

Location: Germany

Brand: Mercedes-Benz

Last update: 24 nov 2021 at 11:23 CET

Model Fitment: This part list is specifically for model W222.020. However it might fit other models too, as other cars share a lot of parts throughout the different versions and years. In case you doubt if this part will fit, just contact us!

A22288026009040 Radiator Trim [ BLACK GLOSSY ] 549 $
459 $
456 €
381 €
  • Code: 610+808/610+809/610+800/6...
  • [906] Color Footnote
Quantity needed: 1

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A2228880051 Frame, Radiator Grille 259 $
219 $
215 €
182 €
  • Radiator Grill
Quantity needed: 1

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A0008171901 Company Sign 31 $
27 $
26 €
23 €
  • Star To Radiator Grille
Quantity needed: 1

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A1689971381 Grommet / Gaine (Fr) / Tuelle / (De) / Manguito (Es) 1 $ 1 €
  • Badge To Radiator Grille Shell
Quantity needed: 2

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A2229950075 Spacer / Separateur (Fr) / Abstandhalter / (De) / Soporte Distanciador (Es) 7 $
6 $
6 €
5 €

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A0059906400 Hexagon Head Bolt / Vis 6 Pans Combinee (Fr) / Sechskantschr. / (De) / Tornillo Con Arandela (Es) 2 $ 2 €
  • Radiator Trim To Carrier
Quantity needed: 4

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A1937660135 Cap 2 $ 2 €
  • Screw Head Covering
Quantity needed: 2

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A2228870098 Engine Hood Seal / Joint Pour Capot Moteur (Fr) / Dichtung / (De) / Junta Para Capo (Es) 40 $
34 $
34 €
29 €
  • Radiator Grille Shell
Quantity needed: 1

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